Concluding the year – 2013

Concluding the year – 2013

We had a great first year at Kanhas!


We completed the year doing lots of fun end-of-term activities and creating a very special memory book for each of the kids.

The children completed their reading, writing  and mathematics learning summaries РIt was amazing to actually document our learnings of the year РThe children had started from basic letter recognition and had moved on to reading Phase 4 books by the end of the year. This means they could now read complete sentences containing many common tricky words in English along with long vowel words, consonant blends (Words like black and steal) and consonant digraphs (words like chair and when).


We also had attached a few writing samples where each child expressed themselves by narrating an experience or stating an opinion. While they don’t spell very well yet, they have made good progress in writing their thoughts on paper.


Similarly, we had a nice maths summary which showed that the children could count up to 100, understand patterns and sequences (even, odd etc), add and subtract up to 20 etc.


Along with this, we also added in some fun things – like self-made graduation pictures.


Another fun thing we did was write little messages for each other and leave a little painted handprint as a memory of the friendships formed in the one year at Kanhas.

Sigh..will miss my first batch of students.



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About the Author: Shweta Shetty
Suvarna Radhika Devi Dasi (Shweta Patil) has been practising Krishna Consciousness for over 15 years now. A qualified software engineer and Bharat Natyam Dancer, she has now ventured into the field of early childhood education. She has completed a certification in child care and is applying her spiritual and academic experiences to create a unique Vedic training program for children in Melbourne.

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