Crafting is fun!

Crafting is fun!


We love doing different kinds of crafts at Kanhas. We explore a wide variety of material, giving children different opportunities to create. The experience allows children to learn about the world while developing important fine motor skills, and adding on to their creativity and imagination. Its never about the end result – but more about the journey – a medium of self expression and personality development.

Paper bag monkeys – children learned about anatomy, monkeys, story-telling, scissor skills and colouring
Map of Navadweep(Lord Chaitanya’s birthplace) – children learned about rivers, mapping, islands and explored cellophane paper
Tin can drums – Made by stretching balloons on aluminium cans filled with rice – Children learned about drums, shakers and recycling
Mango lacing cards – Children learned about mangos, practised basic sewing skills and great fine motor work while punching the cards

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About the Author: Shweta Shetty
Suvarna Radhika Devi Dasi (Shweta Patil) has been practising Krishna Consciousness for over 15 years now. A qualified software engineer and Bharat Natyam Dancer, she has now ventured into the field of early childhood education. She has completed a certification in child care and is applying her spiritual and academic experiences to create a unique Vedic training program for children in Melbourne.

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