Exploring Patterns

Exploring Patterns

This week, we were exploring patterns at Kanhas.

Initially, I introduced patterns through blocks. We have some nice geometric blocks in different colours which the children used to make patterns and shapes.

Exploring patterns in blocks
Such a clever pattern – geometry and colour have been taken into consideration by the child

We then looked at patterns through colouring. The children were given mandala designs and I marked alternate sections of the design with 1s and 2s and asked them to colour all the 1s the same colour etc. This helped them understand patterns better.

Colouring in a pattern

We then did a craft activity where they had to paste on craft sticks in a particular pattern.

Vasudev and Devaki in jail – patterns in the prison bars!
We also made button necklaces where they had to thread in buttons in the pattern of their choice.
Patterns in buttons – just see how the child has incorporated size in the pattern
Great fine motor skills practice as well!
Finally we did some pattern worksheets. The children had to identify and draw the missing item in a pattern. All of them aced it – even some of my 3 year olds :)


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About the Author: Shweta Shetty
Suvarna Radhika Devi Dasi (Shweta Patil) has been practising Krishna Consciousness for over 15 years now. A qualified software engineer and Bharat Natyam Dancer, she has now ventured into the field of early childhood education. She has completed a certification in child care and is applying her spiritual and academic experiences to create a unique Vedic training program for children in Melbourne.

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