Govardhan Pooja Celebrations

Govardhan Pooja Celebrations

Govardhan Pooja Festival

Last week, we were studying Govardhan Lila, the famous pastime in which Lord Krishna lifted a mountain on the little finger of His left hand. He used this as an umbrella to shelter all the residents of Vrindavan from the terrible rainfall of Lord Indra for 7 days and 7 nights.

To commemorate this event, Govardhan Pooja is celebrated every year in the month of Kartik (October – November). It is an extremely fun event in which a replica of Govardhan Hill is prepared using different food items. This hill is surrounded by other smaller hills of different food stuffs. Devotees worship Giri-Govardhan, the special mountain that was touched by the Lord Himself, by singing His glories and of course enjoying the grand prasadam feast that follows.

Who can resist celebrating such a festival with the little ones? At Kanhas, we made a lovely little hill from Halawa and dry fruits. The children really enjoyed decorating their Govardhan with cashews, almonds, raisins, dates and dry figs.

Jai Govardhan!

All the children had got different food items from home to share with all their friends. We put these other items around Govardhan Hill.

The menu included noodles, pasta, baked rajma, home-made chocolate, milk barfi, ice-cream and laddus

We had wonderful dancing keertan around our replica. The children also took turns telling the different stories and qualities of Govardhan. We just did different Govardhan themed fun activities and games for the whole day!

Singing around Govardhan hill
And of course, then there was the feast. Quite amazing how every child managed to eat double their regular diet that day :)
Enjoying the meal
What a lovely party!

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