Kanhas Garden program is a humble attempt to train young children in India’s timeless Vedic scriptures. Based on the guidelines given by Aruddha Mataji, Urmila Mataji, Natak Chandrika Mataji and other ISKCON educators we will try to give children a strong academic foundation and help them to imbibe vaishnav culture.
The main goals of Kanhas are:

To help children think about Krishna
To teach them basic cleanliness and discipline
To teach them obedience
To teach them to cooperate and practice good manners
To teach them Vedic scriptures in creative ways.

Please note: Kanhas is a home based program for devotee families and is not a registered child care service. Please see the ECS laws page 11. Kanhas is exempt from the National Quality Framework as it is a single subject instruction service focussing on teaching the Vedas. It is a personal arrangement between me and the family of the child.