Pre-Writing activities

Pre-Writing activities


After 6 months, my students are all at different stages of development where writing is concerned. On the one end I have kids who are writing fairly fluently with familiar spellings, word structure and spacing. On the other end are the younger ones who have just begun to form lines.

For the younger ones I do pre-writing activities which helps in wrist and hand muscle development. These activities also improve hand eye co-ordination and teach them letter proportion and other visual art skills.

One such activity was tracing letters with dal. I wrote Thank you Jagganath in large print on paper. They had to put glue on the letters and fill them in with dal.

Adding dal to letters

While extremely messy, it was fun and motivated children to pick up small dal grains and manipulate them – great fine motor skills practice!

In addition to activities like this, we do lots of colouring. As they colour in different pictures of the Lord, they learn how to hold the pencil correctly and wrist muscles are getting practice. We have seen the children progressing from random scribbles on the paper to colouring within the lines and gradually increasing their choice of colours.

Learning to focus on something constructive

I have also started doing pre – writing worksheets with them – tracing lines and curves.

Combine this with all the other art we do and you can guess which preschool all the future writers of the world are going to come from 😉

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About the Author: Shweta Shetty
Suvarna Radhika Devi Dasi (Shweta Patil) has been practising Krishna Consciousness for over 15 years now. A qualified software engineer and Bharat Natyam Dancer, she has now ventured into the field of early childhood education. She has completed a certification in child care and is applying her spiritual and academic experiences to create a unique Vedic training program for children in Melbourne.

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