The letter J

The letter J


This time,  I thought I will describe one whole day at Kanhas. The letter J went exceptionally well… so I am sharing how we learnt it.

The day, of course,  began with our morning program. Once the children were warmed up and ready for the day – we began with our story.
The theme for this month is Lord Chaitanya. We did His Jharikhanda forest pastime – as the Lord went through this forest He induced all the animals to chant Krishna’s names and miraculously they did. The tigers and the deer danced together in sankirtan, forgetting their natural animosity because of the mercy of Lord Chaitanya.
The children enjoyed the story because it was all about animals. We did the role play of the story next and the children took turns being Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and the animals,  shouting ‘Krishna, Krishna’ enthusiastically around the room.
Post this was snack time followed by the craft session.  We made little Chaitanya Mahaprabhu puppets and created a forest display with a plastic animal set we have. This activity also gave me the opportunity to discuss wild animals Vs domestic animals and forests with the kids.
Making Lord Chaitanya dance through the forest
Jharikhanda Forest
Posing with our puppets

After this the kids were all very excited and  so I gave them 10 minutes free play time to run around with their favorite animal pieces.  Once they were a little bit tired we packed up,  discussed the letter J, wrote our worksheets, and made the J page in our sound book.( I give a sheet of pictures and the children cut out those starting with letter J and stick them in a scrapbook)
Finally it was lunch time. During lunch we always listen to an audio recording of the reading of Krishna book for children. Not only does this keep us Krishna Conscious but also quiet while eating!

After lunch we usually do a science/maths oriented activity. This time, we made candle holders from glass jars and learned a little about light.
We covered the outside of the jar with lots of coloured tissue paper and lit candles inside to get a beautiful display.
Making our candle holders
Final Display
All in all, a great day :)

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About the Author: Shweta Shetty
Suvarna Radhika Devi Dasi (Shweta Patil) has been practising Krishna Consciousness for over 15 years now. A qualified software engineer and Bharat Natyam Dancer, she has now ventured into the field of early childhood education. She has completed a certification in child care and is applying her spiritual and academic experiences to create a unique Vedic training program for children in Melbourne.

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